Lost Souls

In Which We Are Intimidating, Indecisive, and You Can Call Us Ishmael

(originally played on 10/28)

- We beat up the githyanki and leave a note for them for the githzerai. :D

- Then we decide to go for the ifrit’s heart…

- But where to find it?

- Roswyn remembers stories about ifrit sultans; the ifrit hold weekly gladiators to the death… We decide to seek out the nearest tournament sign-up!

- Elemental Chaos has occasional gravity…we need to fly to one of the ifrits’ floating islands of fire…

- We’re on a suburb rock, orbiting a rock where a small city is. We fly to the city rock.

- It’s full of githyanki!

- We notice that all the buildings lack signage…they have crystals by their doors instead. We find a tavern equivalent and we ask the bartender for help. The githyanki bartender looks at us warily.

- Roswyn finds out that the closest ifrit city is [somewhere]. Two weeks’ journey in [some direction]. If we’re looking to go there intentionally we should just hire a mage to teleport us. After some talking we decide to go back to Sigil and talk to the githserai wizard.

- We report our beating up his bullies. We give him a day to finish his bag…we come back! We have our box!

- We ask how to find our astral kraken…he tells us that lots of people go to the Sea to hunt exotic creatures, suggests that we go to the “docks” to join a journey as protection. Since all astral sailors fear the space kraken.

- We eventually find a ship willing to take on extra hands as long as they don’t have to pay. We find their anti-kraken measures, make private plans to sabotage them, and say we want to join them as bodyguards, free of charge! …Kraken like to attack ships and eat other astral game.

- We find a ship that’s happy to take us on an expedition!

- After a couple days on the boat, one of the crew comes to us to say they’ve spotted one of their prey and they’re getting ready to fight…will pay us if we’ll help.

- It’s a giant mechanical looking creature w/ mechanical wings: remnants from the previous wars between the gods, made of very valuable materials. Killing them for salvage. We’re given astral items to apply to our weapons to make them do necrotic damage. Only for melee.

- Willing to give us two more astral diamonds to anyone willing to provoke it—because it can teleport to anyone who provokes it. Ozymandias volunteers to throw a rock at it. They give him a ranged weapon to provoke it with.

- He throws a rock anyway…went out with some other people with bows. IT TELEPORTS TO NEXT TO OZYMANDIAS. All of us go out to fight with Ozymandias. FLYING~~~

- FISTICUFFS Ozymandias gets all up in its grill ooh

- Eventually we kill the thing, the crew loads up the parts, we heal, and sail some more…FIND A KRAKEN YAY

- Twist: we get only 30 min to kill it! then it will fade into the aether and we’ll have to track it down again…

- The crew screams and sails off, leaving us behind.

- Ozymandias throws a rock at it.



- It writhes in pain with Ozymandias’ killing blow. We rip off a tentacle and the kraken fades away; we put the tentacle into the box and seal it!

- The tentacle solidifies and it was ours.

- The ship captain scoops us up and gifts us with magical gifts :3

- We sleep on the way back to the docks.



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