Lost Souls

In Which We Are All In the Closet, Are Quite Nearly Dreadnought Chow, and Ozymandias Throws Rocks. Again.

(This was the last full log I wrote for last year’s campaign. I believe this one is placed after the session Laura covered for me. It was originally played 5/13.)

When last we left our heroes, we were about to face an arch mage that was quite justifiably pissed off that we’d burst into his tower and started killing his mages. Of course, meeting justifiably incensed foes had never stopped us from kicking their asses before…

And, vengeance-driven though he was, it seemed seemed like after taking enough of what we were dishing out the Archmage was on the cusp of flying away. But Carkal leapt out of the window after him and gave chase—! Dominating the Archmage into flying back towards our loving weaponry, though we were saved the trouble of finishing him off when he stepped in one of our bear traps. That had an anvil in it.

Pleased with this turn of events, we looted the room we were in, as well as an animal-skin rug of dubious origin, before hiding ourselves in a handy closet and portaling to the Astral Sea for some R&R. Riia, alas, had been knocked unconscious some time earlier and was tossed into a Haversack so she could recover.

We spent our vacation in the Astral Sea floating about semi-transparently, watching rock formations slowly drift by between the clouds. Edward and Carkal busied themselves learning the rituals we’d stolen from the mages. Roswyn worked on her perpetual epic-in-progress for a bit before joining Perra and Ozymandias in playing a few board games to pass the time. Alas, our relaxing vacation could not last forever—we soon noticed one of the numerous rock formations floating in our general direction. We watched in apprehension as it drew ever closer over the course of a day, winding lazily between clouds. Suddenly, it stopped in place—before beelining straight towards us. As it neared us, we realized that what we’d thought was a rock formation was in fact an enormous monster, a nearly spherical beast covered in scales and spikes, its gaping maw lined with teeth. Protruding from either side of its mouth were two long pincers. A quick knowledge check told us that we were about to face an Astral Dreadnaught.

Still floating in space, we engaged it in fisticuffs. It quickly set about attempting to swallow us, sending us to the airless demiplane that lurked within its belly…still, we proved too rich for its blood and prevailed! Once our wounds were seen to, we snapped back to the material plane—specifically the bit that was contained a closet in the drow mage tower. We cast the Shadow Walk ritual and stepped out into the Shadowfell. We found ourselves in a facsimile of the tower we’d been in before, standing on a ledge gazing out over the city. The tower itself seemed to be a long-abandoned ruin. Casting darklight in hopes of avoiding the dark beasts that lurked in the shadows by avoiding visible light, we picked our way down the tower.

The darklight seemed faint and timid, its light extending feebly. At the edges of our visions, dark tendrils crawled over the city’s ruins and at the far end of the cavern we could see a yawning pit filled with pale patches of razor-sharp crystals. As we approached the chasm, Riia warned us that dark creatures moved among the chasm. Yet we were not deterred: we set about climbing down the chasm, though the constantly shifting shadows played havoc on our nerves and meant we had no idea where the ground was until we reached it. In the pit of the chasm, the dark seemed more oppressive than ever, and our light even more feeble. We followed Riia’s directions as she guided to a patch of crystals. A small creature, no more than a foot wide waved tentacles in our direction, but we avoided it.

Walking on, we found ourselves on the edge of the precipice that looked out over a seemingly bottomless cavern. Our light dimly illuminated a patch of crystals glittering just below. Ozymandias, in his infinite wisdom, threw a rock at it. The sound echoed off the cavern walls and fell down…we could not hear it reach the bottom, if there was one to be reach. Carkal decided to rappel down to the crystals in order to examine them properly, and just as he was embarking on that unwise venture dark beasts coalesced out of the shadows, encircling us. They were twelve feet tall, composed of some dark blue energy, rippling with muscles and claws and ghastly featureless faces. A ghostly chill rippled over us as they approached, even as we readied our weapons, and we felt the life being slowly sucked from our bodies…

Even more hitherto unknown enemies approached us, hiding at the edges of our vision behind rocky outcrops; humanoid shapes with warped faces bearing huge eyes that gazed deep into the depths of our souls (only applicable to those of us still with souls, of course). Still, we were not deterred—and prepared to fight our way to freedom.



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