Lost Souls

In Which Some Old Friends Are Much Changed, We Venture Into a Desert, and Not Enough Things Happen for a Third Teaser

(session of 9/30)

We open with all our heroes safe in Amarak—save one, our eponymous warlock who, under the thrall of evil forces, vanished into the ether. No sooner had we realized we were bereft of his charming presence forever when we met with an old friend Ezra—and his mysterious companion, a dark shade who, for reasons unknown to us, had apparently sprung up when Calon died. We spent a few days in Amarak recuperating (many of us finding that our rest allowed cosmic forces to finally catch the hell up with us and grant us untold powers). With some research, we pinpointed Damokos’ likely location and set off, determined to end him once and for all. Ezra, though much changed by his adventures in the Shadowfell, accompanied us.

After some days’ travel we found ourselves at the edge of the southern desert. With the location of the city of Bel’Turath, the capitol of the once-mighty tiefling empire lost to us, we set off across a section of the desert towards another city in hope of finding information on where Bel’Turath might be. Astride our nightmares, we set off. We rode for hours, but at dusk were interrupted by the sight of a distant campfire. Ezra set forth to scout out these strange travelers, but was spotted by the humans grouped around the fire. After some discussion, we decided to provide Ezra with a bit of support from atop our flaming steeds. The humans told us they were relic hunters, looting the ruins of the tiefling cities for curiosities to sell to their credulous fellows.

Intrigued, and possibly outrage by the looting of his ancestral territory, Ozymandias demanded to see some of the relics that the humans had on hand. Though suspicious, we indulged his curiosity, following the humans into one of their magical tents. There, Ozymandias was presented with a rather marvelous sword, which turned into a heavy weight the moment he laid hands on it. Obviously, the sword had been a trap, and as we made ready to fight, the humans revealed their true forms: rakshasa.

A fairly uneventful battle later, we emerged from the tent to find even more rakshasa approaching. Since they seemed disinclined to run away, we fought them off too, before justly declaring their magical tent ours and taking a well-deserved rest.



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