Madaban is the most prosperous trade city of the north, a fortified bastion where activities both legal and otherwise thrive. It is a city of splendid fashion, mixing high society life with underground activity to create a market where anything is available for the right price.


Madaban was founded centuries ago by imperial soldiers as a military base to oversee expansion and protect the valuable mining towns east of the Northern Reach. Selected for its strategic location in the foothills below Rutger Pass, it provided an excellent staging point for further expansion while remaining a lifeline to the civilized towns along the coast. Despite having few natural resources of its own, Madaban grew into a prosperous trade center, the big city where all of the local farmers and mining towns would come to trade and peruse goods shipped in from the rest of the empire.

Noble Families

In Madaban, nobility is more a measure of influence and wealth than a hereditary title. Some of today’s nobility can claim ties to legitimate authority in the city’s past, but just as many rose through other means and their power has been legitimized by the existing authority.


  • The Cabal is the most powerful mages’ guild in the city, long ago consolidating and eclipsing other organizations and leaving only small and specialized mage organizations such as transportation extant.
  • The Stormcrows
  • Eye of Terun


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