Halfling explosives expert


Gamlin is a halfling alchemist, tinkerer, and explosives expert in Madaban. He maintains a small subterranean workshop beneath one of the slums districts, and is hard to find unless you know where to look. Gamlin enjoys his craft and has been known to accept dangerous projects just for the challenge. He doesn’t have the slightest concern for how his products are used, and likely deals with many of the city’s unscrupulous folk. The party’s introduction to Gamlin came through their thieves guild contact, Ash, in order to supply them with a blast big enough to topple the tower of the Beyton Family estate.

Gamlin thinks out loud and paces when working on a problem and is the epitome of the tinkerer, with fancy headwear and gadgets to aid him in his trade. He clearly has experience in the field, judging from the three missing fingers on his right hand.

Gamlin was able to sell the party 4 flasks of a risky new Blast Crystal formula that he predicts will have enough force to destabilize the heavy tower walls of the Beyton estate.


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