Lost Souls

In Which We Fight a Recurring Foe, Have Our Wishes Corrupted, and Decide to Confront a Dragon

Because our normal scribe was not at the previous two sessions, I suppose it is up to me to finish updating the adventure logs. I apologize in advance for any omissions or ambiguities as I don’t have any notes, and am writing this purely from memory.

Originally played 12/2/11

After the conclusion of the naval battle, we were informed that our only remaining fight was against the previously undefeated champ, and that the Sultan himself would be in attendance. Naturally, this meant that we had to be at our best, so, after we had rested, we spent several hours getting warmed up and preparing for the fight. Unfortunately, during this final tune-up, Roswyn broke several strings on her lute leaving her unable to use bardic magic until she repaired it. By this point there simply wasn’t enough time to perform these repairs, so she ultimately decided to sit this fight out (note: read the above as “we were missing a player so I’m making something up”).

We walked out into the arena, amidst the shouts of a bloodthirsty crowd, and noted that the battleground consisted of eight floating platforms with an array of teleporters. Platforms would be subject to magical effects both randomly, as well as when a given switch was pulled. We would be fighting both this mysterious champion and the course itself. On the subject of the champion, he finally decided to show himself. It was Carkal. Who else would it be? And after a battle that contained such highlights (or lowlights) as Ezra accidentally subjecting the entire party to sensory deprivation, Perra visiting all eight platforms in a single turn, and liches being encased in blocks of ice, we emerged victorious and won one wish each from the Sultan, who looked none to happy that his champion had fallen.

As for the wishes themselves, the shade wished for the ifrit heart that we had been questing for. Thanks to wording a lawyer would be proud of, and the power of plot, this wish was actually granted as desired. Next, Perra wished for the ultimate cookbook. The Sultan willed this book into existence, but gave Perra no indication as to it’s location. Ozy wished that all tieflings would view him as a strong and capable leader. It has yet to be seen how this one plays out. Edward wished for a woman from his backstory to be returned alive and unharmed to the town of her birth. Again we don’t know how this played out. Finally, Ezra wished that his good friend Calon would be returned to life. This was done by turning The Shade into a living half-elf (still female) with an odd split personality consisting of Calon’s mind, The Shade’s mind, and a weird fusion of the two. Finally, after all wishes had been granted, the Sultan’s guards attacked us, and we were forced to make our escape.

Originally played on 1/6/12

After our escape from the City of Brass, we returned to Sigil and were left with the choice of where to go next. After a brief discussion, we decided that the next thing we would track down would be the head of an ancient dragon. Unfortunately, dragons of that age don’t exactly grow on trees, so we were forced to do some research to track one down. Research. There’s one thing our heroes have never been known for. Anyways, after a long sequence that included tracking down a knowledgeable person, following him home, bullying information out of him, following his lead to a library, and stealing some rare books from the library’s locked vaults, we finally had our answer. There were two ancient dragons that were rumored to exist. The first was worshiped by a cult in the Underdark, while the second had been spotted in an unnamed ruined city from the old dragonborn empire. Having already visited the Underdark, we decided to track down the one in the dragonborn city, despite the greater ambiguity of location.

At Edward’s suggestion, we sought out a city adjacent to a particularly large mountain with an impressive network of caves and rode there. The city in question was mostly in ruins, although there was still an old shrine to Tiemat atop the highest mountain. After a brief and wholly unremarkable battle with some ogres, we reached the caves. Skipping a bit of boring stuff, we eventually climbed the mountain by means of a stairway in the caves and reached the shrine at the top. At the shrine itself, the cowards that were the rest of the party left Perra on his own to explain their situation to a dragon who was in some way connected to Tiemat. Naturally the whole thing turned into a fight, not because of any mistake Perra made, but because our goals weren’t exactly compatible with leaving the dragon alive.

And that’s where we left off. Join us next week for the actual fight. You will see an epic battle with a dragon, a well disciplined group of adventurers working together as a team (yeah right), and some much better writing than this!



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