Lost Souls

In Which We Are Assaulted By Corpses, Tangle With Dragons Of An Undead Persuasion, and Fight Off Psychic Lobsters

(originally played 11/04)

- We stuff our box in the bag of holding and decide to go after the heart of an ifrit next!

- We’re in Sigil trying to arrange transport…

- We find out we can buy a key that will take us to the City of Brass in the Elemental Chaos, a major center of the ifrit

- We go the City of Brass! It’s…desert hot… And everything’s made of brass.

- Not many on the street, but the few people we see seem to be heading towards the city center.

- We decide to follow them…we don’t blend very well, but they don’t seem unused to people like us, so. We find a gigantic Roman style coliseum made of brass. Most people go in. We look for a sign-up table… find guards around the gladiators’ entrance. We ask the guards who’s fighting… Exotic monsters, champions (who don’t seem to have ifrit names). Roswyn knows that these games are typically slaves fighting and ifrits do not fight in such low class things.

- We do know that if we win the sultan will give us a wish…

- We decide to sign up for the tournament as a group…we’re sent inside to an elderly ifrit and all his guards.

- The room we’re in is small, with a magical barrier on one side. There’s a large table where the elderly ifrit is sitting. He asks for our names for the record. We give our names and notes us down as a group and tells us we’ll be called in a couple hours. Tells us the terms and conditions of being a gladiator: don’t bitch when you die and put on a good show. Scream in pain if mutilated, the crowd loves that. Mentions that we’re not allowed to leave until tournament is over. We get put in a cell to wait…with some burly tattooed monsters from various other places. They don’t want to cause trouble.

- The cell wars are made of brass, also an anti-magic zone. Roswyn tunes her lute, makes sure everyone’s neat and awesome-looking…eventually we get shepherded out into the coliseum. It’s huge and full of people; the lower levels are full of slaves/peasants. The ifrits are in boxes with servants and such. The doors close behind us and the door across open and our first opponent appears…

- Out comes a huge, musclebound giant covered in chains and stuff and slaves poking it out into the arena. The slaves quickly retreat as soon as it’s in the arena. IT’S: …A GIANT THING…


- The guards come back to guide us to our cell and drag the corpse away. We sit in the cell for a few more hours before getting called back out. Roswyn cleaned us off during the break.

- This time the opposite gate emits the charred corpse of a guard and then a giant flaming giant.

- It threw the corpse at Ozymandias…


- And take a few more hours to rest and twiddle our thumbs. As we emerge for our third round we realize that mages are surrounding the arena and that the mages are setting up a barrier…it’s night, there are no lights, the audience is chanting. After some dramatic drum music the gates are thrown open and two dragon-like things emerge. The stench of death follows them and seem to be vaguely undead.


- Triumphant, we get an extended rest.


(originally played 11/11)

- The tournament continues!


- But we’re just on boats, not ships

- Perra and Edward are rowing…handwave…

- On the other boat are…dragonborn pirates

- The arena has been flooded with: murky water oooh. We notice that it’s magical; will damage you if you’re in it…

- (must be on edge of the ship to row)


- At some point the pirates summon a chool, a psychic lobster, and then hightail it out of the way. Then the shade summons an extra chool…good going, shade.

- But then the robed figure by the throne room makes the chools back off once we kill the pirates. We get the equivalent of roses (gold!) thrown down at us for being awesome.



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